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About the Multidimensional Jazz Machine

Interact with Soviet Jazz on Soundcloud or Facebook. There is also e-mail.

How it works

Enter a title into the designated box and hit play. The Machine builds a mix for you, and provides a visual presentation to answer any questions you may have. There are some buttons in bottom right. We suggest you try them.

The slider offers a randomizing function. By our estimation, the Machine has some 2*101000 possible settings.

Stop Stops all playback and allows you to start over.

Mutate forward Mutates the mix directly if you can't wait for it to do it on it's own. All mutations are final. The only way to go back is to start over.

Recycle Stops mutation of the mix, and the current state will repeat for eternity. To break out of the loop hit Mutate forward.

Visuals Toggles visual presentation on and off.

Buy a souvernir from our webshop, and help us finance this endeavor.

If you're the social kind, your mix can easily be shared via all kinds of exciting electronic media - such as email and instant messaging - by just copying the url of the page as the mix is playing.

Do you care about quality? We do.

We've put a pretty hefty limit on quality to accomodate our hosting service. If you're interested in a high quality version of a mix you can order one in the web shop, and have it delivered as a .wav file.

Who made this.

The Multidimensional Jazz Machine was built by Soviet Jazz and @rymdpeter. Obviously, all sounds and derivatives are copyright Soviet Jazz.

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